martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Present times

Two messengers met one day, one was a follower of Jesus and the other one served Satan.

The messenger who was serving God asked, "How are you doing?"

Satan's messenger replied  "Oh, it is terrible. We work hard all day long and we get really hungry. When Satan finally lets us have a break we go into a huge dinning room. There is a lot of wonderful food on a long table. Satan tells us we can eat all we want as long as we use our 6 foot long forks. It is impossible! We can never eat more than a bite before we are too tired to eat anymore. We stay hungry!"

The messenger of God replied, "That is funny. We have the same type of table filled with wonderful food and the same 6 foot forks. Only we eat all the food we want ... we just feed each other!"

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